Dog Walking provides dog walking services any day and any time, however most dog owners need mid day walks.

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We provide monthly discounts for 4 or more scheduled walks per week. Our dog walkers are experienced and trained in behavior and safe handling- we are your worry free solution to your dog's walking needs.


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Dog Walking

Dog walking is a popular job. Few people take up dog walking job just as a hobby. Dog Walkers love dogs and do not mind earning some cash out of it. However, for many other dog walkers it’s more than a hobby. They earn their living out of it and also wish to make a successful career in dog walking and sitting. If you also wish to get into the dog walking business, you should follow the steps as mentioned here.

  1. Firstly, learn to become a successful dog walker. Learn to be a pack leader and all things related to dog’s behavior. Just being a dog lover will not be helpful to become a successful dog walker.
  2. Secondly, get yourself insured.
  3. Thirdly, advertise yourself. Inform people through advertisement or flyers that you are into the dog walking business.

You will also get referrals once you start dog walking. Take note of the dog walking jobs available at our site. We offer stories and tips on dog walking. Get back to us from time to time to check out updated information on dog walking.


Making an effective way to stop a dog attacking yours
By Josh Chandler

It's a big fear of most dog owners that their dog will be attacked when they are are going for a dog walking session in the public. This can be of real concern if you feel vulnerable in your area. One time when I was in Australia doing a dog sitters job for free accommodation, I came across this park which was frequented by some aggressive dogs.

I tried bringing a stick with me just in case, and I even brought with me a water pistol to see how that would work. I let the dog I was walking off the leash and then found it in trouble with some other dogs. I got the water pistol out and squirted the other dogs and they didn't like it. They would back off but then go for another go at the dog I was working as house pet sitter. This is when I brought the stick into play. I would not go to seriously hurt the dog, more so to separate the two.

The other dogs would try and bite the stick which was fine as I could then drag the dog away from the one I was caring for. It was a scary time really and I always had to be on my toes. Eventually though things would calm down and I could go back to the owners place with a dog safe in tow! Try it out next time and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Dog Bites in Australia

Dog bites are unfortunate but a regular affair in our society, especially at homes where there are dogs and kids around at the same time. Experts say that there is always a reason why a dog proactively goes forward to attack and ultimately bite a person. [more]

Public Dog Parks

In Australia there are hundreds of parks dedicated just to the dogs. Most dogs look forward to their day at the dog park, especially if it is well maintained. [more]

Be the Pack Leader

Walking a pack of dogs can be tough unless you show that you are the leader of the pack who is dominant and authoritative. Dogs are born submissive and tend to follow the leader. You should take up this role before the dog grabs it up. [more]

Dog Walking Insurance

When we go for a walk with our pet dog, we hardly think about dog walking insurance. However, from routine dog sitting activities to dog walking chores many opt for dog walking insurance to mitigate accidental expenses that come with it. [more]

Dog Walking Service

You can create your own dog walking service where dog owners will hire you or dog walkers will enrol for a suitable dog walking assignment. If you are adept in dog walking and know how to manage issues related to dog walking, you can develop a unique animal service centre. [more]

Dog Walking Jobs for Kids

Most big kids or those in their initial teens are an energetic lot who are always on the lookout for excitements. When given a social pet to look after, they immediately start off right away with dog walking chores. No wonder there are no shortage of dog walking jobs for kids – especially in a friendly locality. [more]

Attacked by a Dog

Walking a dog at a known place where there are not many hostile or stray dogs is quite a fun loving activity. However, you may get a job of walking a dog at a place where you can be accosted by aggressive dogs. [more]

Dog Walking Exercise

Dog walking is not only beneficial for your dog; it is equally good and healthy for you. In fact, if you follow some guidelines, you can make your walking even more engaging. Your dog too, will be happy and motivated. [more]

Dog Walking Problems

Dog walking must be a pleasant, safe, and entertaining moment for your dog as well as for yourself. As a dog walker, it is necessary to assess situations, surroundings, and reaction of the dog you are walking to keep control of the situation. [more]

Puppy Training Tips

Be alert to analyse situations early before things aggravate when big dogs come close to your puppy during a dog walk. Change your course, keep your dog close to you in charged situations, and don’t panic if your dog suddenly barks or jumps up. [more]

Dog Ready for Walk

An uneventful dog walking session can make you and your dog have a relaxing engagement. However, if you don’t do the groundwork of knowing your dog or how to handle tough situations, you can be in big trouble. [more]